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We are proud to print all of  our books locally in Oakland, California. We strongly believe in supporting local authors, publishers, and printers and growing together. We distribute our books with a local distributor and every week—multiple times a week—feature local writers, musicians, and artists in our diverse events across the Bay Area, Des Moines, IA, and Brooklyn, NY.

Through publications, events, and active community participation, Nomadic Press collectively weaves together platforms for intentionally marginalized voices to take their rightful place within the world of the written and spoken word. Through its limited means, we are simply attempting to help right the centuries’ old violence and silencing that should never have occurred in the first place and build alliances and community partnerships with others who share a collective vision for a future far better than today.

Thank you for visiting and supporting your small, community-focused non-profit publishing organization.

‘The agency of the author pre-exists the publisher,’ Fowler says in Nomadic Press’ office in Uptown, Oakland. ‘People of color and queer people of color, women, trans folks—they have been uplifting themselves forever. It doesn’t take a publisher to uplift them.’ ... ‘The way I describe it is that we create platforms,’ Fowler says. ‘We create platforms to lift up particular voices that should have been heard in the discussion in the first place. ... ‘I feel extremely optimistic about our community because our community is resilient,’ he says. ‘They will continue to do the work wherever they are.’
— Brandon Yu, "Nomadic Press Makes a Home for Itself in Oakland" (Datebook, SF Chronicle)
Photo in Nomadic Press Fruitvale by  Giavanni Ortiz de Candia

Photo in Nomadic Press Fruitvale by Giavanni Ortiz de Candia

When Fowler founded Nomadic Press in Brooklyn in 2011, he did so on the tenuous ideology of continuous movement—a notion both unusual and seemingly irreconcilable with the permanent vision of a book press and physical workspace. How can one promote fluid exploration of language and thought when the target is literally a hard-copy? Fowler and rest of his cohorts at Nomadic Press answer this challenge by treating literature very much like it is a living thing, whose germination is as important a process as its final creative product. . . . The priority on community is perhaps what fuels Nomadic’s impressive array of donation-based events. . . . Like with every Nomadic event, the emotional comfort of the writers and audience is priority.
— Sarah Gabrielle Adler, "Nomadic Press Keeps It Moving" (East Bay Express)

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Photo in Nomadic Press Fruitvale by  Giavanna Ortiz de Candia

Photo in Nomadic Press Fruitvale by Giavanna Ortiz de Candia

Our 2021 Location at 2301 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, CA

Nomadic Press is excited to be working with Parcel Projects around a new eventual location at 2301 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland, CA. There are big things to come once the new construction is complete in 2021. Read below for more information on the project and take a look at what the new building will look like once it is finished.

From the Parcel Projects website:

"Parcel Projects is collaborating with community partners on the design of a building at 2301 Telegraph in Oakland. The design will reflect and amplify the multifaceted history and vitality of the site and root the building as a resource for the neighborhood and city at large. We’re excited about the potential of this project to serve as a model for new thinking about community-based design processes and see the building itself as a test site to explore innovative ideas about programming and engaging neighborhood networks and infrastructures…a counterpoint and an example of how and for whom to build in cities like Oakland now.  

We are happy to be partnering with Chapter 510 and Nomadic Press, who will be making a home in the building along with other organizations, to define the vision for the building as an open and lively space for Oakland. The ground floor will provide space for workshops, performance, art-making, retail, cafe and community-based food projects. The second floor will incorporate office space for allied organizations and a large roof deck for classes and events that will be accessible and open to the public.  The upper floors will provide housing focused on affordability and neighborhood exchange.”