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Nomadic Press (brooklyn)


Mission Statement

Nomadic Press is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that supports the works of emerging and established writers and artists. Through publications (including translations) and performances, Nomadic Press aims to build community among artists across disciplines. 

Vision Statement

Nomadic Press supports and provides venues for artwork across all media and disciplines by both emerging and established artists. Nomadic Press's goal is to guide writers and artists through a supportive and connective process and to offer each artist the opportunity to have his or her work(s) presented in carefully edited and curated publications and events. We strive to juxtapose myriad voices and visions in ways that are surprising and complementary.
Nomadic Press publishes an annual journal, seasonal chapbooks, and special issues in print, as well as book reviews and other articles online. As part of Nomadic Press' mission to stimulate conversation among eclectic voices, Nomadic Press seeks out and encourages the translation and publication of non-Anglophone voices.

The Nomadic Press workspaces in Oakland, California (Fruitvale location opened in 2014; Uptown location opened in 2016), serve as small performance, workshop, and informal gallery spaces for visual, musical, literary, and performing arts. Through events and open community hours, this Oakland spaces also serve as gathering spaces for our writers, artists, readers, viewers, neighbors, and fellow travelers. In addition, Nomadic Press pop-up events in Brooklyn, New York, offer artists on the East Coast opportunities for creative fellowship.
The name "Nomadic" is an homage to the organization's original inspiration: artistic encounters created by physical and conceptual movement between locations, matter, ideas, and intentions—the movements of life.

Safe Space Statement

White supremacy and white supremacist-capitalist values permeate this country, including every state, county, city, and political persuasion. This includes the Bay Area. Illustrations of this range from the more obvious neo-nazi hate groups to all-white reading lineups, white terrorist shootings to labeling racial equity work in the literary community as censorship, mass incarceration to the voices most often published. Nomadic Press unequivocally stands against all iterations of white supremacy.

We are works in progress, continually doing the work of internally dismantling white supremacist values that have been inherited by virtue of being in the US. Simultaneous with this internal work, Nomadic Press utilizes a racial equity lense (as proposed by Race Forward) to dismantle white supremacy within publishing and the literary communities in which we work. We are not perfect, and we are always trying to be better.

Nomadic Press events are active, real-time safe spaces for those who have been intentionally silenced and marginalized, and we will work to ensure that the marginalized continue to take their rightful place in our communities.

Direct and timely non-violent communication and de-escalation techniques will be utilized to privately call in instances of racism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or misogyny whether in the content of one's reading or in one's interactions with members of the community. If, after being called in privately for a mediation, a community member is unwilling to acknowledge and address the harm they have caused, we will protect the safety of this space by revoking a reader's access to the microphone. We encourage community members to come to us if someone has violated these guidelines away from the microphone. If the situation warrants (i. e., instances of sexual predation, violence, or threats of violence), we will make the information public to inform our communities of the present danger.

We are community in progress. We must be better, always, and we ask that we work together to ensure that the safety of our most vulnerable members is prioritized above all else.

EQUITY Statement

In pursuit of equity within the artistic landscape, we at Nomadic Press believe:

  • community and art are created in response, and in relation, to the world

  • art is integral to political landscapes

  • in building space where difference is celebrated, not only tolerated; where intersections can be explored with the goal of creating an inclusive environment, particularly for those persons who have been excluded from the arts due to class, race, nation of origin, gender identity, sexuality, and/or disabilities

  • in guiding writers and artists through supportive and exploratory processes that aim to decolonize language and artistic theory and praxis. This is done through active and discursive community engagement and networking


Founder and Executive Director:  J. K. Fowler

Editorial Assistant: Natasha Dennerstein

Associate Editor: Michaela Mullin

Guest Editors (past/present): Tongo Eisen-Martin, Raina J. León, Ari Moskowitz, Arisa White

Events Coordinator (West): Paul Corman-Roberts

Events Coordinators (East): Dallas Athent, Christian Niedan

Director, Association of Black and Brown Writers (ABBW): Vernon Keeve III

Design: Britta R. Fithian-Zurn

Publication and Event Artists: Arthur Johnstone

General Questions

Reviewers (past and present): Danielle Corcione, Cori Coccia, Cory Knudson, Andy John Carr, Kelly Egan, Valeri Alemania, Elena Nicolaou, July Westhale, Keith Watson, Robert M. Detman, Ali Giordani, Andrew Husband, James Bonner, Courtney Haas, David Cardoso, Christian Niedan, Dan Shurley, Manuel Vargas Ricalde, K. Rose DeSteno, Brad Steiner, Michaela Mullin, Justin Quirici, Shelby Keizer, Auden Lincoln-Vogel, Annelyse Gelman, Rebecca Faas, McManus Woodend, Kevin Klausen, J. K. Fowler, Steven Barnes, Emily Baierl, Michael Dennis, Katharine Gripp, William A. Swan, Samantha Preddie, J. P. Karwacki, Shannon Devine, Kelly Morehead, Cara Spangler, Brittany Natale, Nick Philpot, Andrew Scheinman

Board of Directors

President: J.K. Fowler

Secretary: Shaun Randol

Treasurer: Pamela Capalad

Directors: Kwan Booth, Arisa White, Dallas Athent, Christian A. Niedan, Mariela G. Yeregui

Our Locations

Nomadic Press (Oakland Peace Center)
111 Fairmount Avenue
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 350-8772

Nomadic Press (Brooklyn)
475 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11249