The Winter Fund Drive 2016-2017

(December 1, 2016-January 31, 2017)

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Transparency in arts spaces is important. As supporters of arts organizations, you should know where your dollars go. And our organizations have real costs that require your support. Nomadic Press is no exception. 

Our organization has the following base direct overhead costs:

$837.50/month, half of the total unit rent of $1,675/month and most of which has been covered by our executive director every month (2926 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland)

$1,000/month (2301 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland—starting in February 2017)

$550/month (Faultline Artspace, Oakland)

~$180/month (electricity, gas, trash)

Total base direct overhead costs per month: $2,567.50

We have only accepted one grant, the Keep Oakland Beautiful grant in 2015, and this was for roughly $675 to be used toward some environmental work that we were doing in Fruitvale. We plan on applying for more, but we value the freedom that comes with subsisting on direct support from our community for as long as possible.

The majority of our staff members are volunteer, including our founder and executive director, who has not yet taken a salary. Those that are paid are paid on a per-project basis at the highest rate that we can afford, and we collect donations at all of our events to pay artists the lion's share of all donations collected while a small percentage goes toward the continuance of our organization.

We exist because of you. Truly. In every sense. None of us have trust funds, nor do we lead opulent lives. Most of us work two-to-three jobs with side projects to fill the gaps. We believe in the work and tirelessly host events and push out publications that we believe in. We carve out safe spaces for our fellow marginalized community members and support those in the community that do the same. We work ourselves sick and tired, burn out more often than we should, and occasionally strain our personal relationships at home because we believe in the power of art to transform the society in which we live and make people's lives better.

To be honest, we don't know how we have existed thus far given the financial realities of operating in the Bay Area and Brooklyn. What we do know is that all of you have been, and will continue to be, central to our existence, and that we have an amazing, dedicated team of folks tirelessly pushing forward against increasingly difficult odds to simply survive.

The average cost of one of our books is $12. Every dollar of every sale means everything to us. But this next year, we are expanding our operations even further recognizing more and more acutely the need for safe, affordable, and accessible performance spaces for our fellow marginalized members. We are therefore launching Winter Drive 2016 today. This will last for the remainder of December. Our goal is a modest $12,000, which if you do the math, will cover our base direct overhead expenses for less than 6 months. We need your support. More now than ever.

If you have been to one of our events, read one of our publications, or have simply heard of the work that we do, you know that we are "all in." We believe firmly in the work that we are doing to meet community where it's at and carve out protective zones for creative expression. Absolutely every dollar will go toward the continuance of our operations. And if and when it is possible for us to start taking salaries, we will announce this with exact monetary amounts. If we exist because of you, this also means that we are accountable to you; that means embracing radical transparency, especially when it comes to where your dollars are going.

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