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The Workroom is a bi-annual, six-month-long program founded by Nomadic Press, a literary and arts 501(c)(3) non-profit with bases in Oakland, CA, and Brooklyn, NY. The program provides ten (10) Bay Area visual artists with affordable studio space, education, community support, potential publication in Nomadic Press publications, and a final group exhibition at The Flight Deck Gallery in Downtown, Oakland.

Nomadic Press is in constant collaboration with visual artists. With Founder and Executive Director,  J. K. Fowler, Nomadic Press features artwork from painters, photographers, and illustrators throughout its literary publications and on the walls of its Fruitvale and Uptown spaces in Oakland, CA. In February, 2017, Nomadic Press will initiate the launch of its Write To Wages Cafe on 23rd Street and Telegraph Avenue, in Uptown, Oakland, CA.

Nomadic Press is always on the lookout for visual artists to be a part of the work we do. The Workroom has become the perfect place for us to establish strong bonds with Bay Area artists and continue to build a local arts community that has the potential and networks to make a national-and-international impact.

The Workroom has been designed with the understanding that many artists living in the Bay Area work full-time jobs and may find it difficult to devote the time and space to developing a rich, engaged, and fulfilling artistic practice without the necessary support and guidance.

Artists participating in The Workroom will join an artist program that takes time-and-monetary constraints into account and encourages artistic growth, risk taking, and innovation. Nomadic Press values the dialogue and conversation that is an intrinsic part of the art-making process. As such, The Workroom Artist Program contains tutorials, group feedback sessions, visiting artists talks, group museum visits, and a final show at the end of the six-month program at The Flight Deck Gallery in Downtown, Oakland.

Price and duration

$360 non-refundable deposit*
$390 per month*
Bi-annual, six-month program

*All payments made easily via credit card on our website. 

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Interested in Applying?

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There are limited spots per six-month cohort, so please be sure to contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot. 

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2016-2017 Workroom Cohort

Giavanna Ortiz de Candia   

GIAVANNA ORTIZ DE CANDIA is a Bay Area writer, musician and photographer. Her writing includes satirical essays, creative nonfiction and fiction writing.

Her music is a mixture of punk rock and folk, influenced by Patti Smith, Daniel Johnston, The Velvet Underground and Elliott Smith. She has played in the band ‘The Open Minds’ with her sister, who plays drums, for many years, together they create a very instinctive sound that is truly their own.

Her photography is inspired by street photography capturing the world around her and the subtlety that exist in the shapes of architecture,  gestures and facial expressions exchanged between people within their everyday environments.

She is an active member of the Bay Area literary community, reading at Naked Bulb, and playing her music at Nomadic Press.

Whilst a member of The Workroom Artist Program, Giavanna will be working on photographic and writing projects finding ways for the two to be set in dialogue with each other and completing her 2 year project where she corresponded with a man in Federal prison for a white collar crime.

AN LI LIU was born in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and lived in Toronto for over a decade before moving to the US. She resided in Boston, MA for six years, and then moved to Berkeley in 2014. She attended the University of Toronto majoring in Cinema Studies and Religion. An Li then studied New Media Design and worked in the industry for a several years as a web and graphic designer. She is a traveller at heart having traversed much of South and South East Asia where colors and energies are very potent. An Li delved into yoga practices with a special interest in Buddhist philosophy and then became a yoga instructor herself several years ago. While An Li took formal art classes in University, she is mainly a self- taught artist with many influences—everything from sublime landscapes and atmospheres to streetscapes and modern living.

Over the next six months during her time within The Workroom Artist Program, An Li will continue developing her painting practice, the larger studio space will enable her to work more freely with scale, industrial materials and processes. Allowing her to reach points of innovation through the freedom of working within an environment that grants full permission for experimentation, gesture and painterly expression. She will begin to dig deeper into her own personal story. With the help of the monthly creative writing workshops led by a series of Nomadic Press published writers,  these elements may start to become incorporated into the paintings themselves or continue to lie beneath the surface  yet solidifying the works integrity.

SONIA LETICIA is a self-taught illustrator based in San Francisco, CA. She taught herself the fundamentals of art by studying from life, books, and online videos. Sonia’s inspiration comes from her deep rooted love of illustrations found in storybooks ranging from children’s literature to dark folk tales and everything in between. She spends a lot of time drawing in her sketchbook on a daily basis, sketching from imagination and creating quick life drawings of the world around her. Her finished pieces are usually completed with ink and watercolor, plus, she is well versed in oil and digital painting as well. Sonia has found a balance between traditional and digital media and uses these two mediums to bring her imaginary visions to life. Sonia is also an advocate for the arts in her community, having assisted on several mural projects and participated in many community art programs.

Whilst participating in The Workroom Artist Program, Sonia will be working towards completing a series of illustrations that demonstrate her technical and storytelling skills, exploring themes found within her intensive research into North American, Japanese and Central American folklore and it’s connection to imagination and landscape. Through the wider emersion in fine art, writing and group feedback that The Workroom offers, Sonia hopes to develop a children’s book that resonates deeply with both children and adults alike. She will also be working directly with Nomadic Press designing and implementing a series of large scale murals within their Fruitvale and Uptown locations.