We Shoot Typewriters by Paul Corman-Roberts

We Shoot Typewriters by Paul Corman Roberts Chapbook Cover 03.08.2016.jpg
We Shoot Typewriters by Paul Corman Roberts Chapbook Cover 03.08.2016.jpg

We Shoot Typewriters by Paul Corman-Roberts

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Paul Corman-Roberts brings his dizzying wordplay and emotional anxiety to a fever pitch as he digs into the guts of his community hoping to find the emotional maturity, the vision and the guts to save it.

Written by Paul Corman-Roberts

Cover illustrations by Arthur Johnstone and Livien Yin

Author portraits by Arthur Johnstone

Designed by J. K. Fowler

Publication Details

September 2015 • 5 x 7 • 60 pp.

$10.00 (unsigned); $12.00 (signed) • Trade Paper • 978-0-9966172-1-5

Published by Nomadic Press  

What people are saying: 

We Shoot Typewriters has it humor and its witticisms, but it’s the wisdom found in the plainly stated and curiously observed that offers up the hard truths needed to shake the reader into awareness, and wake “the chutzpath/ to call ourselves mirrors/ worthy of human reflection.”

– Arisa White, author of Dear Gerald (2014), A Penny Saved (2012), and  Hurrah’s Nest (2012) and  Tarpaulin Sky Book Prize Finalist 

"Paul Corman-Roberts writes poems that are tired from working two jobs, poems that are sick of moving, exhausted from gentrification; these are poems that have lived in more than their fair share of cramped studio apartments and packed all their worldly goods into milk crates. ... Word by word, line by line, poem by poem, We Shoot Typewriters is a collection that remembers what it was like to be there, in the moment—and what it’s like to have made it out alive." 

– Allie Marini, author of Cliffdiving (2015) and And When She Tasted Knowledge (2015)

We Shoot Typewriters is a collection from a seasoned bard that explores the necessary role of poets in our world, the shadow side of ourselves, the search for love, the joy and torment of parenthood, and the absurdity of it all. Each poem takes the reader out into the greater universe, then returns them—whip-lashed—with a piece of raw, yet palatable truth.”

– Sarah Kobrinsky, Emeryville Poet Laureate 

We Shoot Typewriters is a thriller in the De Palma tradition in which there’s no particular point except that the hero is flawed, weak, and in terrible danger—and we identify with him completely.”  

– Alexandra Naughton,  founder and publisher of Be About It Press 


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