Notes from Work by Jesse Prado

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180316 Notes from Work by Jesse Prado Cover.jpg

Notes from Work by Jesse Prado


In tweet-length bursts, Notes from Work hurls into the spotlight the absurdity of the everyday, the ridiculous insistence on taking ourselves so seriously, and the lethargic underbelly of a nation gone mad.  Read with unease and a smile. 

Praise for Notes from Work

“Jesse Prado's Notes From Work explores the emotional subtleties and understatements of the Twitter age. He writes about friends and co-workers as if you also know them, providing a level of intimacy that may otherwise be absent since he only gives us micro clips of his daily life and inner world. Sad comedy, deadpan observation, stitched-together non-sequiturs. Placing his seemingly mundane job as the backdrop for his minimalist quips, Jesse's surprising turns of logic are the kind you want to screenshot, print out, and hang on your bedroom wall.”

Matthew Sherling, author of Bring Me My Absolute Surrender (2014)

"Jesse Prado's talent is for articulating, in a casual or offhanded way, how our interactions can seem at once aimless and full of meaning."

Edward Mullany, author of The Three Sunrises: Three Novellas (2015), Figures for an Apocalypse (2013)


“Jesse Prado turns the quotidian into a VR game with an 18-pack of Coors that no one feels they should drink. The book takes place in the strange world of California where babies apply chapstick and bluejays make-out in backyards. Also, "I didn't expect this I'm about to listen to hella Imogen Heap" might be the most relatable line I've ever read. Send tweet.”

Shy Watson, author of Cheap Yellow (2018)


Notes From Work is frequently hilarious and almost disarmingly straightforward. This is a collection about confusing social interactions, small-scale work drama, incredible world-views, finding profound meaning in a shirt that says, 'Basketball never stops,' disagreeing with the rules of Scrabble, Michael Jackson’s song about his pet rat, being thankful for dogs and other non-sequiturs, quiet revelations and low-key epiphanies. Jesse Prado is 'hella' fun to read.”

Guillaume Morissette, author of The Original Face (2017), New Tab (2014)


“Utterly modern, Notes From Work is a stark and intoxicating tour of a particular type of existential crisis, of our time. Prado's laconic voice dots the pages with smatterings of magically mundane internal and external dialogues that speak to the largesse of our everyday presence or lack thereof. Absurdist and sublime, blue jays that make out and the people who watch them, who are also the people who don't acknowledge each other at malls, who may also be the same people concerned with Lady Gaga's potential weight gain. Nightmarish at times, hilarious throughout, and chewy, like the tender heart of all good poetry.”

MK Chavez, author of Dear Animal, (2017) and Mothermorphosis (2016)

"Jesse Prado is the real deal. He's the voice inside your head. He's the face and eyes and ears as well. He's telling you sometimes the world hurts, but then he's laughing at it too. He's working. And he's doing all this so you don't have to. We're incredibly lucky. Jesse is one helluva poet and this is one helluva book."

Oliver Mol, author of Lion Attack (2015)


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March 2018 • 5 x 7 • 78 pp. • Trade Paper

ISBN: 978-0-9994471-7-8

Cover art by Arthur Johnstone

Interior and cover design by J. K. Fowler

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