must by Michaela Mullin (drawings by Mariela Yeregui)


must by Michaela Mullin (drawings by Mariela Yeregui)



Mullin's poems are spare investigations into what it means to collaborate and to remember. They address what comes of the neurological, emotional, and social mandate that is both collaboration and memory, and in their brevity, offer small moments of singular present tense.

Features the poems by Michaela Mullin and drawings by Mariela Yeregui

Note from the author and illustrator:

"For us, there is no anxiety of influence, only the influence of anxiety. We are anxious and excited about how we remember, how we forget; how the world works, or is purported to work; our experiences with and within image and text, such as our dialogue herein; and the familia(l), both small and large. We are anxious for wedding (v.) realms—not to subjugate, certainly not to fully integrate, but to create and see something old with something new, almost always something borrowed, quite often and most beautifully, something blue."

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March 2016 • 5.5 x 7.5 • 84 pp.

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What people are saying 

"The best texts speak — not to you, but to themselves. The better ones even occasionally let you catch a glimpse of their song. In this wonderful collection,

Poetry is not about seeing the invisible, or the very visible. Poetry, instead, is about seeing the slightly visible.
— Michel Deguy

 Michaela Mullin’s poems paint;
Mariela Yeregui’s sketches sing; 

and must itself becomes a canvas for conversations. 

Forming a sketch.

Trying not to forget that each sketch not only is a sketchy version (skhema) of the form, of the object—one that might well be temporary, extemporaneous, made off-hand (skhedios)—but quite possibly brings with it echoes of an extemporaneous poem (schedium). One which—coming from beyond—might write itself into you.

Thus, must is a text that should be read with care. 

Perhaps then, a sketchy text

—a warning at which, I suspect,

Michaël Borremans will smile.

Bearing in mind that to converse is to live with, to turn about (vertere) with (con). But, not necessarily in agreement: for, to converse is also to be the exact opposite. Which means: to converse is to be with whilst also possibly turning around (conversus), turning about (convertere), even against (versus). But, even in, even when there is, disagreement it is an opposition that continues to maintain the relation; that still agrees to be with. Where there is always already an openness to the possibility of changing one’s mind, one’s position, an openness to the possibility of conversion. 

Opening oneself, 

Or, as Clarice Lispector would say: where the one who is with, the one who reads, risks opening herself to the possibility of the yes."


Jeremy Fernando,  Jean Baudrillard Fellow at the European Graduate School


"Michaela Mullin’s must is appropriately titled in every sense of the word—from the tender ironies and quiet insistences, to poems that create their own likely logic through her singular sensibility—this is a collection that should not be overlooked. While the poems often find their source in the intellect,  the cleverness doesn’t compromise their fervency. These are poems that resonate not only in the mind, but in the heart and the body as well."

Teri Youmans Grimm, author of Dirt Eaters