Black Pearl by Arisa White

Black Pearl by Arisa White Chapbook Cover 03.28.2016.jpg
Black Pearl by Arisa White Chapbook Cover 03.28.2016.jpg

Black Pearl by Arisa White


Love is alive in White’s Black Pearl, eight poems and a poetic drama that call on the feminine presence, through ancestral memory and legacy, to heal a broken heart. 

What People Are Saying

“[Arisa White] is a fierceless and tender poet who always brings into view what’s strange and unusual and critical for our survival. Her poems consider what it requires to meditate and meet what’s unknown without flinching.”

– Dara Wier, author of nine collections of poetry, including her most recent, Reverse Rapture (2005)

“In this book, feelings are imperative, as is an imperative depth of self awareness, one that brings the reader to the edge. These stakes are no small stakes. Demanding, you need to let down your terror and There is no peace in running the truth of you, Arisa White builds a world where one must go to the edge in order to connect with one’s own body and the bodies of others. One must speak in—and through—dislocation. The voices in this book seek always to locate themselves, and seem deeply committed to a life of dis/location. Across this island body I toss salt, she writes, I will not resemble trees and their reaching, and tosses us into forms poetic and dramatic, tosses us with her through relationship, earth, plant-life, race, police violence, history, identity and queerness, her language equally tossing amongst itself and its contexts, searching, pressing for what is true.”

– Leora Fridman, author of My Fault 

Publication Details

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March 2016 • 5 x 7 • 46 pp. • Trade Paper

ISBN: 978-0-9970933-1-5

Original front- and back-cover artwork by Arthur Johnstone

Interior and cover design by J. K. Fowler

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