A Heart with No Scars by Brennan "B Deep" DeFrisco

Brennan DeFrisco Chapbook Cover 09.02.2015.jpg
Brennan DeFrisco Chapbook Cover 09.02.2015.jpg

A Heart with No Scars by Brennan "B Deep" DeFrisco

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In his debut chapbook-length collection of poetry, Brennan “B Deep” DeFrisco examines change and the spectrum of lenses through which we view it.

Cover illustrations by Arthur Johnstone and Livien Yin

Author portraits by Arthur Johnstone

Designed by J. K. Fowler

Publication Details

September 2015 • 5 x 7 • 32 pp.

$12.00 • Trade Paper • 978-0-9966172-7-7

Published by Nomadic Press  

What people are saying:

“Brennan 'B Deep' DeFrisco is one of my favorite up-and-coming performance poets. A Heart With No Scars is a fantastic look into the fire he brings to the stage. ‘Empty Glass’ feels like good whiskey after the last bad day of a terrible week.” 

– Toaster 


“The first line in this collection, ‘Descend at your own risk,” should stand as a warning. Prepare to fall in love, into mourning, mourn with the poet a city transforming and displacing, mourn the distance between frIends and lovers, imagine a future lover’s apocalyptic kiss. Brennan 'B Deep' DeFrisco is a romantic and a realist all at once. Step with caution and don’t say you haven’t been warned.”

– Cassandra Dallett, author of Wet Reckless (2014), Bad Sandy (2015), and On Sunday, a Finch (2015)


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