Alternative Press Expo (APE) 2014

Alternative Press Expo (APE) 2014
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, California
October 5, 2014

Hosted at the Fort Mason Center, the Alternative Press Expo is a yearly gathering of alternative and independent creators. For its 21st year, it showcased an array of hundreds of comic designers, writers, and publishers with aesthetics ranging from steampunk to anime, inspired by anything between pop art and dark surrealism. Here are a couple worth drawing attention to:

Angels of the Singularity

Featured because of its important social message, this is a comic that riffs on infinity and transcendence with a cynical and disheartened sense of humor. The story involves two men at the end of the world in “post-trans-humanist” times who each buy a billion-dollar ticket for immortality and then despair over how they're going to spend eternity in a cold, bleak, and lonely world. Some sections are heavily philosophical about the structure and workings of the human mind—“if you re-implement memory and personality, it's a new instance of the same consciousness”—while others feature strange humor with characters such as a nihilistic man with a torso carved in the shape of infinity. Overall, an interesting read in seven short chapters.

Michael Manomivibul's Illustrations

Merging the sublime and the grotesque should be enough of a challenge, but Manomivibul goes to great lengths to fuse this aesthetic style with creatures from underwater, outer space, and mythological demons. Though mostly drawn in neutral tones and shades of blue, he manages to convey great depth and texture through specific works named anything from “Chupacabra” to “Night of 1000 Wolves.” 

Shelby Keizer
Nomadic Press
Keizer is a writer, thinker, and aspiring Renaissance woman with a special affinity for the past and for the future. She is wedded to the invisible.