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08.09.2017: East Bay Express: "Nomadic Press Keeps it Moving: Through events and publications, the movement oriented press creates space for local authors." by Sarah Gabrielle Adler

09.25.2015: Full Circle: I Am Sausal Creek / Delano. On today’s episode, JC Howard hosts the show “I Am Sausal Creek/Delano,” and explores the wonders of the bilingual children’s tale written by Melissa Reyes. We later go to Delano, California to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Grape Strike and Boycott with Franklin Sterling and Sara Blanco.

09.16.2015: OUP walk: Three Jellyfish, Two Creeks and One New Book 

08.21.2015: Full Circle: Literary Show. This week on Full Circle we take a journey through the East Bay’s literary scene! Included in this weeks show, interviews with Jamie Dewolf, EM Wolfman’s Justin Carder, Nomadic Press’ J. K. Fowler, and a live interview with Siciliana Trivino of Moe’s Books. We’ve got special readings and a little bit of poetic music. Listen in!

07.17.2015: "Crawling with the Literary Beast" on Planet Gusto. "Nomadic Press’ perfectly choreographed evening of Fruitvale Poets. ... The Nomadic Press show wasn’t simply a string of performers, but a deliberately conceived event that came full-circle ..."

05.19.2015: Nomadic Press' "Get Lit" promo on Sabrina Jacob's "A Rude Awakening" (KPFA 94.1). Featuring J. K. Fowler, Paul Corman-Roberts, Missy Church, and Vernon Keeve (interview starts at 13:00)


Feedback from our events

Jennifer Crystal Chien, director of Waiting for Bekir, who screened her film at Nomadic Press' Oakland Workspace on April 10, 2015: "Thanks for being such a fabulous event host and hope to see you again before long at one of your other events! I appreciate your graciousness and artistic sense of adventure!"

Madeline Tasquin, who performed at Nomadic Press' Oakland Workspace on March 7, 2014: "What a beautiful place. Great company, and was honored to provide the musicky bits for my fave poet, Rusty Rebar. Thanks for hosting, Nomadic Press. Smooches."

Marc Zegans on his reading at Nomadic Press' Oakland Workspace on January 24, 2015: "Thanks, Nomadic Press,  so much for putting together such a lovely evening. I love your space, thoroughly enjoyed doing the reading, and found it a complete pleasure to perform with Karlyn DeSteno.  Looking forward to the next adventure."


Feedback on our reviews

Polity Press on David Cardoso's review of A Stranger in My Own Country by Hans Fallada: "So glad to see this! Its a great review." 

BookThug on James Bonner's review of Giving Up by Mike Steeves: "So often we see micro reviews of books which, in 300 words, provide a synopsis of the book and wrap up with a sentence to conclude whether it's a book worth reading or not.  It's so refreshing and rewarding to receive a review that truly engages with a book and from many different perspectives and angles. "

Wave Books on Annelyse Gelman's review of Superior Packets by Susie Timmons: "Thank you! What a thoughtful review. Much appreciated!"

BookThug on Michaela Mullin's review of Afterletters by R. Kolewe: "R. (Ralph) wrote me to tell me that he was blown away by it and is so very grateful to Michaela for her careful and attentive reading of the book and for such a thoughtful and generous review. It's not very often a book of poetry in particular receives such a careful and engaged review and for this we are all of us very thankful."

Robert Detman, author of Impossible Lives of Basher Thomas, on James Bonner's review of Impossible Lives of Basher Thomas: "Regarding James Bonner’s wonderful review of my novel ... I’m incredibly grateful. It’s a rewarding accomplishment to read a review that thoughtfully plumbs the depths of one’s hard work. Thanks so much for providing this welcome review."

BookThug on Ali Giordani's review of Air Carnation by Guadalupe Muro: "We just saw the review of Air Carnation, and it is wonderful. It’s a very experimental, cross-genre book—not a straight up novel by any means—but Ali got it so well! Please send her a note of thanks from all of us and Guadalupe, too."

BookThug on James Bonner's review of Sophrosyne by Marianne Apostolides: "I just saw the review, read it, and it is wonderful. ... James' very careful and attentive reading of Marianne's book is so appreciated, and it resulted in what I think is a very engaged and thoughtful review."

Archipelago Books on Dan Shurley's review of A Useless Man: Selected Stories by Sait Faik Abasıyanık: "It's a lovely piece, and I look forward to sharing it with our readers."

Chloé Griffin on Michaela Mullin's review of Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller by Chloé Griffin: "Michaela's review is one of the loveliest and most attentively written reviews Edgewise has received. I'm so happy that the book is alighting such inspiration. ... I am currently in Berlin with Sharon Niesp and Max Mueller, and I just read them aloud the review, and we are all very touched and happy about it. Thank you very much."

Coach House Books on Michaela Mullin's review of M x T by Sina Queyras: "Thank you so much for alerting me to this lovely review! I'll be sure to pass it along to Sina—I know she'll be thrilled." And later: "Sina loves the review, and is touched by Michaela's words."

No Starch Press on Dan Shurley's review of If Hemingway Wrote Javascript by Angus Croll: "Thanks so much for the review—quite thoughtful and well-written."

BookThug on Manuel Vargas Ricalde's review of Polyamorous Love Song by Jacob Wren: "Thank you so much for sending this incredible review! We are so pleased with it and really appreciate Manuel's careful and attentive reading of Jacob's book.  It's just wonderful to see a review so engaged with the text and not one that focuses instead on all the things the book might not do that a more 'traditional' novel is 'supposed' to do.  Please thank him for us and Jacob as well."

Ugly Duckling Presse on K. Rose DeSteno's review of American Songbook by Michael Ruby: "We appreciate it very much. We'll be sending more titles in the future."

Michael Ruby on K. Rose DeSteno's review of American Songbook by Michael Ruby: "Thank you for soliciting and publishing a review of my book. I found DeSteno's piece very personal and honest and intelligent."

OR Books on McManus Woodend's review of Blood Spatters Quickly by Ed Wood, Jr.: "Thank you for sending this along! I feel that the review does the book much justice."

Antonio Negri on Brad Steiner's review of The Winter is Over by Antonio Negri: "Nice. Thank you."

Simon Critchley on Michaela Mullin's review of Bowie by Simon Critchley: "Wow. That's amazing. Michaela completely gets the book. I'm flabbergasted and delighted. Please pass on my infinite thanks."