Talking Paper podcast: Chris Campanioni, John Gosslee, and PANK & Nomadic Invasions

On this episode of Talking Paper on Radio Free Brooklyn, Christian Niedan travels to Washington D.C. for the 2017 AWP Conference and Bookfair, where he interviews writer, teacher, and model Chris Campanioni, who edits PANK magazine and is the author Death of Art, published by C&R Press. He also interviews C&R and PANK owner John Gosslee

You can also read Christian's September 2016 print-version Talking Paper interview with Campanioni.

Next, a recorded selection of readings from the PANK & Nomadic Invasions author showcase at Sixth Engine restaurant. The event was co-organized by Nomadic Press and PANK magazine during AWP 2017, and featured 14 authors, including: 

Cassandra Dallett, reading "The Day Prince Left" 

George Anderson, reading from "The Kaleidoscope Kid"

Natasha Dennerstein, reading "Love Me, I'm Fake" & "Serial Eileen"

Ariel Francisco, reading "The Young Men Along the Bar Are Too Tired Even to Die"

Hollie Hardy, reading "The Animal Trail of Tears"

Beth Ann Miller, reading "Your Bones"

Roberto F. Santiago, reading "The Domestican" & "I Was Set up to Fail But Never Given The Chance To"

Annie Christain, reading "He Developed the Habit of Playing Airs, Most Correctly, Upon His Chin: March 3rd 1994, Rome"

Elwin Michael Cotman, reading from his upcoming novella

Joy Deva Baglio, reading from "Ron" 

Matthew Siegel, reading a poem inspired by California's Bay Area

Sidney Taiko, reading "Here be Monsters" 

Raina J León, reading "Poet Anxiety Disorder" 

Will Cordeiro, reading "Dialogue With The Moon"

Talking Paper Interview Series: Ksenya Samarskaya

Talking Paper Interview Series: Ksenya Samarskaya

Ksenya Samarskaya is a Brooklyn-based typographic designer who has headed up branding and typeface outfit Samarskaya & Partners (S&P) for the past four years. Among other clients, the company has worked with brick-and-mortar businesses on finding just the right style of typeface for lettering that appears on signs, windows, menus, business cards, and other written material seen by potential customers.

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Talking Paper Interview Series: Jim Ruland

Talking Paper Interview Series: Jim Ruland

Jim Ruland is a San Diego-based author and founder of the Vermin On The Mount [VOTM] reading series, which originated at the now-closed Mountain Bar in Los Angeles’s Chinatown section in 2004. Ruland previously told Nomadic Press that he started VOTM as a way to bring together, "novelists, bloggers, punk rockers, essayists, journalists, poets, people with a brown bag and something to say." VOTM’s irreverent approach has two homes at the moment—Book Show at 5503 North Figueroa in Highland Park, and 3rdspace at 4610 Park Boulevard in San Diego’s University Heights.  

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