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Talking Paper Podcast: Dallas Athent

On this episode of Talking Paper, Christian Niedan speaks with writer and artist Dallas Athent about her new book of poetry, Theia Mania, out now from AntiSentiMental Society. In addition to her own poetic work, Athent volunteers her time promoting the work of other writers by coordinating east coast reading events (along with myself) for Nomadic Press. 

He also recorded readings from the launch event for Theia Mania, which took place on April 30th 2017 at the Jersey City studio of its artist, Maria Pavlovska, and featured live readings by Athent, writer/editor Chris Campanioni, AntiSentiMental Society editor Ronna Lebo, writer/filmmaker Prospero Vega, and culture chronicler Anthony Haden-Guest.

Dallas Athent reads at the launch event for Theia Mania on April 30th, 2017

Dallas Athent reads at the launch event for Theia Mania on April 30th, 2017

Campanioni reads a portion of The Real Thing (#AlternativeFacts) 

Lebo reads 9 Steps to Achieve Full Deniability

Vega reads A Chinese Woman in the Rain

Anthony Haden-Guest reads Newscast

Dallas Athent: dallasathent.com/

Maria Pavlovska: www.mariapavlovska.com/

Eve Siegel: www.evesiegeldesign.com/

AntiSentiMental Society Theia Mania: www.blacksquareeditions.org/_p/prd1/4609841321/product/theia-mania-by-dallas-athent

SPD Theia Mania: www.spdbooks.org/Products/9780979149566/theia-mania.aspx

Hyperallergic Theia Mania: store.hyperallergic.com/products/theia-mania

Christian's PANK review of Theia Mania: pankmagazine.com/2017/05/11/review-theia-mania-by-dallas-athent/

Nomadic Press: www.nomadicpress.org

Talking Paper podcast: Texts 2 Tascha

Dallas Athent reads poems from Theia Mania during Texts 2 Tascha

Dallas Athent reads poems from Theia Mania during Texts 2 Tascha

On this episode of Talking Paper, Christian Niedan went to GAMBA Forest, a multi-purpose space that serves as both a performance and art venue, located at 231 Norman Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It's run by Melissa Hunter-Gurney and Chris Carr, who are co-founders of the literary publication, GAMBAZine. They recently worked with literary nonprofit Nomadic Press to host a poetry and music showcase at GAMBA Forest, titled "Texts 2 Tascha." The event's name and the night's lineup was curated by poet Dallas Athent, to honor the birthday of her friend, the artist Natascha Young, who was visiting Brooklyn from her home in England -- where she oversees the Venus A Day project, in which she carves the ancient female form, known as "the venus", from one of a variety of materials over the course of a single day, as part of a larger series, which she then chronicles on Instagram. I recorded the event, which included the following performers: 

Joanna Valente reading four poems: 
-- The Ones You Left Behind Are Still With You
-- The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors
-- Son
-- Your Only Son Is Dead

Craig Kite reading two poems:
-- Fuck, We're All Going To Die
-- The Algorithm Hates Me

Stephanie Valente reading three poems: 
-- It Happened To Me, I Kissed A Gravedigger
-- Married To The Mob

Chris Carr reading three poems.

Melissa Hunter-Gurney reading one poem: 
-- We Still Wear Fucking Fur

Dallas Athent reading four selections from her new book of poetry, Theia Mania
-- Page 21.
-- Page 27.
-- Page 33.
-- Pages 58 & 59.

La Julietissima singing four songs:
-- Cuando vuelva a tu lado (or, "When I Return to Your Side"). 
-- Angelitos Negros (or, "Black Angels").
-- Besame Mucho (or, "Kiss me a lot").
-- La Llorona (or, "The Weeping Woman").

GAMBA Forest: gambazine.com 

Nomadic Press: nomadicpress.org 

Dallas Athent: dallasathent.com

Natascha Young: cargocollective.com/nataschayoung

Joanna Valente: joannavalente.com/

Craig Kite: twitter.com/craigkitefly

Stephanie Valente: stephanievalente.com/

Chris Carr: brooklynwildlife.tumblr.com/

Melissa Hunter-Gurney: facebook.com/mhgurney

La Julietissima: lajulietissima.com/

You can also read Christian's June 2016 print-version Talking Paper interview with Hunter-Gurney and Carr.

Talking Paper Interview Series: Nathaniel Kressen

Talking Paper Interview Series: Nathaniel Kressen

Nathaniel Kressen is a Brooklyn-based novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and co-founder ofSecond Skin Books. He is also a core member of the Greenpoint Writers Group, which meets at Word bookstore on Franklin Avenue in Brooklyn. His latest novel is Dahlia Cassandra, which focuses on a pair of teenage siblings in Idaho who depend on each other, until two strangers arrive in their town -- and features evocative cover art created by the author's wife, Jessie T. Kressen. The novel is the follow-up to Nathaniel's independently released debut,Concrete Fever, which was a bestseller Strand Book Store in Manhattan.

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