The next few years are going to be chock full of amazing writers and community members (with more to be added from submissions sent to us in January/February 2019). We feel blessed to welcome the following writers to our family:

Our flagship publishing house. Creative publications on the move.

From the logo designer, Britta Fithian-Zurn: "The logo is a bindle and stick; a reference to the nomadic lifestyle, self-sufficiency, and openness to new possibilities."

Our socially and environmentally conscious children's book imprint that tackles hard-hitting social, political, and environmental issues in a child-friendly way. 

From the logo designer, Britta Fithian-Zurn: "The logo imagery draws inspiration from revolutionary posters and socialist party imagery, and childlike activities like folding origami, floating paper boats on a lake, and traveling off into the sunset. "

Nomadic Press Titles


Cotton Candy by Jeremy Fernando
Synchronicity by Tureeda Mikell (poetry) (ToReadah Mikell)
Sorrowland Oracle by Ayodele Nzinga (poetry)
Guardian Angels by Rochelle Spencer (short stories)
In the Place of Yes (working title) by Paul Corman-Roberts (poetry)
Disgust by Emji Saint Spero (poetry)


Untitled (or Like Sugar Should Be) by Roberto F. Santiago (poetry)
Black Faggotry by Dazié Grego-Sykes (poetry)
Cryptopedia by Andrew Demcak 
My Anxiety Did This to Me (working title) by Yume Kim (poetry)
XV by Zach Goldberg (poetry)
To Love and Mourn in the Age of Displacement by Allan Pelaez Lopez (poetry)
Twice Shy by Luiza Flynn-Goodlett (poetry)
Animal Children by Hugh Behm-Steinberg (poetry)
A Shadowmaker Lives by Jordan Boyd (poetry)
Boi Bi by Kwabena Foli (poetry)
Apricity (working title) by Tahtahme Lizz Cann Xero (poetry)
A Heart Full of Hallways by Greer Nakadegawa-Lee (poetry)


Little Nomad Titles

Occasionally Accurate Science by July Westhale (poetry) and Liz Laribee(original illustrations)