How do we prefer our organization's name to be written?

We prefer Nomadic Press for all references to our organization. 

What is your location in Oakland, CA, used for?

We refer to our space in Oakland as a Workspace. We open our doors to the public to come in, relax, work, peruse our books, drink coffee, and listen to music. There is no cost to do so, but we do suggest a donation to help cover the costs associated with running a small space such as this. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

What is your location in Brooklyn, NY, used for?

At this time, our space in Brooklyn is primarily used as a base of operations on the East Coast to help create, distribute, and house our publications. It also serves as the creative hub for some of our pop-up events around the NYC area. At this time, it is not open to the public. 

What imprints are published by Nomadic Press?

Little Nomad: children's books

More on the way ...