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Get Lit (Music by Bourgeois Speedball and DJ Grandmaster Razor)

  • Ale Industries 3096 E. 10th Street Oakland, CA 94601 (map)

Twenty (20) writers will read NEVER-BEFORE-READ material (rough drafts/debuts) within a three-minute time limit. 

The emcee for the night will be the ever-so-talented Joshua Merchant. 

Featured lineup of writers: Arisa White, Anis Mojgani, Philip Huang, Nick Johnson, A. Razor, Yume Kim, Peter Bullen, Joel Landmine, Kelly Klein, Jesus Angel Garcia, Charlie Getter, Richard Loranger, Keenan Norris, Fred Dodsworth, Jesse Prado, Tatyana Brown, Kelechi Ubozoh, Melissa Louise, Stephen Jamal Leeper, and Patrick Newson

The night will kick off with music by the ever-so-talented Bourgeois Speedball and will move along at a brisk clip with the help of DJ Grandmaster Razor. Beer and good times will abound! 

Donations will be kindly requested, though no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

All ages are welcome, though profanity will be present.

RSVP via Facebook here 

Bourgeois Speedball lives in ruins. Sculpting compositions from crumbling synthesizers, space-age guitar and the soundscapes of Bay Area rebellions, Bourgeois Speedball organizes sound within the decaying landscape of globalized neoliberalism. Experimental beat music and French lounge jazz combine with the plaintive yearning of working-class folk to fashion catchy tunes for communist dance parties and worlds yet to come.

Bourgeois Speedball’s songwriting process begins with field recordings culled from the soundscapes of struggles for social justice in the Bay Area, from students fighting against tuition hikes to recent struggles against racist police brutality. Field recording opens up an entirely novel horizon of sonic possibility: smashing windows become mottled bass kicks; crowd chants become the building blocks for nebulous polyrhthymic terrains; footsteps become glitchy and meandering hi-hats.

Incorporating live instrumentation with the resources of contemporary electronic music, the group’s live show balances improvisation with meticulous composition. Having performed with groups such as Boostive, Pregnant, Gossamer, Labrat and Downsquarez at venues such as the Che Café, UnScruz, Felix Kulpa Gallery and the Berkeley Co-ops, Bourgeois Speedball combines an experimental and electronic edge with the sensibilities of pop music.