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The Artist's Financial Plan: How to Master your Finances and Still Rock the House

  • Nomadic Press (Uptown) 2301 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94612 (map)

The Artist's Financial Plan: How to Master Your Finances and Still Rock the House


As an artist, or anyone doing creative work, money can feel like a dirty word. You don't ever want to feel like you're selling out, but you still need to pay the bills and take care of yourself. We hear you.  

Here's the exciting and scary part: now is the best time time ever to be an artist.  

There are no more gatekeepers. You can do this on your own. In this workshop, we'll show you how. You will learn how to: 

  • Monetize your skills! Build multiple income streams using your skills and talents
  • Think like an artist entrepreneur! Set up your art as a business and develop an artist entrepreneur mindset
  • Create income goals you can crush! Learn how to put together 12-month cash flow projections as a tool to measure success
  • Master your cash flow! Manage your inconsistent income and have a clear understanding of how to separate your business and personal expenses
  • Not be afraid of taxes! Understand what you can deduct, when to make estimated tax payments, when you should set up a business entity, and when to use an accountant 

Joint bio:

Pamela Capalad is a Certified Financial Planner™ and has been doing financial planning for over 8 years. She founded Brunch & Budget to help adults learn about money in a friendly and approachable way and co-founded Pockets Change to help kids learn about money as early as possible.

Dyalekt is an MC, Hip Hop educator, actor, and playwright. His work focuses on celebrating your own identity and finding your voice, communicating with other authentically, and building up your community. He has worked with to preschoolers, high school dropouts, youth prisoners, and even Yale grad students. 

Pam & Dyalekt teach hip hop + finance workshops to kids, teens, and college students across the country. You can catch them talking about money and playing good music on their weekly radio show/podcast on Bondfire Radio at or on iTunes.