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Nomadic Press Presents "Resurgence" at the 6th Annual NYC Poetry Festival

  • Governors Island New York, NY United States (map)

Writing helps us remake ourselves and put what we need into law through the power of the pen. Join Nomadic Press as five writers explore the theme of RESURGENCE at the 6th Annual Poetry Festival. We hope you walk away inspired and enjoy this amazing event.

Hosted by Christian Niedan. 

Yi Wu Yi Wu is a Chinese-born poet. Wu drifted up and down on the East Coast of U.S. before adopting New York City as his home. Been scribbling verses from the age of 13, Yi likes to use the medium to voice his contrarian daydreams. His work has appeared on Uppagus, New Verse News, and Slink Chunk Press, among others, and his collection of poems A Fistful of Moss and Poppy Seeds was released in February 2016.

Melissa Hunter Gurney is a Brooklyn-based independent writer and the founder of GAMBAZine – a literary magazine dedicated to the generation of authentic momentary, boundless art that's rooted in passion and thoughtfulness outside the politics of mainstream publication. Melissa is connected to the artist life as seen throughout South America, and writes for La Gente Descalza (The Barefoot People). For more info, go and

SHA.islike) views music through the same lens he chooses to base his philosophy on life with: Every moment is a chance to create, whether it be as small as the words you speak or as massive as the talents you use. Originating from Fort Greene Brooklyn, the wordsmith was enamored with the arts from a young age, taking up several dance classes and nurturing a growing fondness for expressing himself through visual mediums. At the age of eleven, he discovered freestyling after trying to impress some girls by rapping to an instrumental coming out of a car window. SHA.islike uses clever lyricism with a raw, sometimes aggressive edge to convey his story. With his music he hopes to give listeners a peek into the emotions and thoughts of a creative, as well as paint his ultimate masterpiece.

Dallas Athent is a writer and artist. She was the editor of Bushwick Nightz and has been published in BUST Magazine, The Gloss, VIDA's Reports From The Field, GAMBAzine and more. Her work has been profiled in Bedford + Bowery, Brooklyn Magazine and The L Magazine among others. Her visual work has been shown in CARA Gallery, Storefront Ten Eyck and The Hollows. She lives in The Bronx with her adopted pets.

Ash Faith is a multidimensional New York City Native Poet, Feldenkrais ninja in training, & ex altar boy . He appreciates adventure, sweet timing, meditation, synchronicity, & social solitude; while musically embracing Industrial//Heavy Metal//New Wave// Shoegaze acoustics, and Rock & Roll symphonies to sound heavenly ---loving a good show or concert plenty.

Having survived a 2 month coma, & Traumatic Brain Injury--he's currently confronting Cancer, hoping to honor any process resiliently through a sense of mindful ability, while choosing to overcome any odds by using the Power of the pen. He finds honest comedy to be a core ingredient for healing, & feels that through a sense of awareness, ability, and relaxing responsibly--one can hopefully Transcend Trauma at least a tad more gracefully

Ash has a strange affinity with Siouxsie & the Banshees radio, Buddhism, Comics, Laundry, Buffy & Bunnies--unconditionally cherishing those who’ve been there for him through a genuine sense of Gratitude. He believes in learning from experience & loving through essence.
He ‘s fancied anything post modern 80s retro looking since he was a kid, has wanted to give Drew Barrymore a high-5 since watching Firestarter In the 3rd grade & feels that being exposed to Elvira since Kindergarten explains… EVERYTHING. As an emerging author, he's finishing up his first book Laddie Stardust.