2019 Nomadic Press Bindle Award
Open for Submissions for the poetry month of April 2019

Every year, one poem and one short story are awarded the Nomadic Press Bindle Award. The award was begun in 2018 with the idea of offering additional platforms for outstanding work in poetry and fiction. The winning poem is published on a beautiful, limited-edition broadside, and the winning short story is published in a small, limited-run chapbook. Both have original artwork produced in response to the respective works.

What is a bindle, you might ask? Well, it is our logo, and can generally be understood as a bundle, usually of bedding and other possessions, carried by someone whose main impetus is travel, the love of the journey above the actual destination.


Send us your best poem and/or piece of fiction via the link below during the poetry month of April (04/01–04/30/19)! We are looking for writing that travels across the page, pops neurons, challenges comfort zones, and nudges readers toward nomadic, imagery laden adventures, and as with all things Nomadic Press, folks from our POC/LGBTQIA+ communities are highly encouraged to submit work.


Poetry: 1 poem (5 pages or less)

Fiction: 2,500 words max

All submissions should be in .doc format with the full name of the author on the first page.

All submissions will be read by one guest judge for fiction and one guest judge for poetry (judges to be announced soon).

There will be one winning poem and one winning short story.

The winners will be announced on May 1, 2019.


Each winner will be paid $100, receive 5 copies of either their chapbook or broadside, and will be published in the following manner: the short story will be published in a 5" x 5" chapbook, and the poem will be published on a 13" x 16" broadside. Original illustrations will be published on, or in, each. Additionally, 50 limited-edition and individually numbered chapbooks and broadsides will be sold through our website.


$10 per submission via Submittable


We are ecstatic to welcome the following guest judges to read the poetry and fiction entries to our 2019 Nomadic Press Bindle Award:

J. K. Fowler (Nomadic Press)

Thomas Landry (Nomadic Coffee)